Art Farm Produce

Art Farm Produce – Warkworth

A slice of chioggia beet is nestled into each bar. A luscious way to eat your veggies.

Local Flavour Producer:

Organic and locally grown beets are featured in our Fennel & Beet Bar. Unusual yes, and also unusually crave-worthy.

Additional bars with ingredients from this producer:

Art Farm Produce, a certified organic farm located just outside of Warkworth, grows these unique and distinctive chioggia beets. They are blended into the chocolate and a lovely slice is nestled into each bar

Traditionally, beets are the ingredient that gave Red Velvet Cake its luscious hue. We use them here not for colour but for an added richness and depth of flavour. Fennel seeds offer the top tasting notes in this bar as the subtle earthy sweetness of beets rounds out the flavour of the dark chocolate.


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