The Humble Herb

The Humble Herb – Warkworth

Flavours from a world away are brought closer to home in our gourmet bars.

Local Flavour Producer:

Our Sesame Za’atar Bar was the Bronze Medal Winner of the International Chocolate Awards, 2019 Canadian Competition. And our Blood Orange Rosemary won a Gold Medal at the International Chocolate Awards 2018.

Additional bars with ingredients from this producer:

A savoury blend of spices developed on the other side of the globe is recreated with locally grown and foraged ingredients with the help of our friends at The Humble Herb. We proudly feature The Humble Herb’s products in four of our bars. Unconventional?  Perhaps. But we’re not in the habit of creating conventional chocolate.

Try our Sesame Za’atar Bar featuring a za’atar spice blend by the Humble Herb with organic thyme and foraged sumac.

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